Stack Day – Health-and-Wellness and Financial Advisor – Jan 19th 2017

  •  December 9, 2017

“Stack Days are an opportunity for the entire chapter to come together and invite visitors for a specific seat. These will be held each month on the THIRD meeting of the month.

As a reminder, January 19th, we will be “stacking” for two seats, Health-and-Wellness (H&W) and Financial Advisor (FA). Just to clarify, your H&W visitor can be a Chiropractor, a Physical Fitness Trainer, a Massage Therapist, etc. And, your FA visitor can include a Certified Financial Planner, a Wealth Management Advisor, etc. My point is, don’t simply look for an exact replacement of a former seat-holder, or you may limit your choices.

Visitors are always welcome! Please register using the “Join Us" button below or contact one of our visitor's host.