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Meridian Engineering Group - Civil Engineering
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Brian Papocchia – Partner | CFO | Vice President

Specializing in land development solutions for commercial and residential projects.

I have over 25 years’ experience in the civil engineering field, working with individuals and businesses throughout the state. Projects range from private homeowners looking to expand their homes, to franchise owners looking to build a new restaurant or retail store, to large developers looking to build out a 200-lot subdivision, a million-square-foot warehouse, or a 300,000 square foot shopping center.

At Meridian Engineering Group, we pride ourselves in cost-effective engineering solutions, while meeting or exceeding municipal, county, and state requirements. We design and prepare the site plans and reports required to file for any agency approval(s) necessary. We keep you informed of the various processes and steps involved. And we expedite the workflow to reduce delays in obtaining permits.

As land development consultants, we have a team of partners ready to work for you. Before land purchase, we can help vet any environmental concerns, quantify any financial obligations, analyze project viability, and register any legal corporations. During the permitting process, we can survey the land, design site layouts, and create the architectural experience desired. As other needs transpire, our team can include attorneys, brokers, insurers, bankers, contractors, and any other discipline to complete your project.

If you have a project in mind, why not call me for a no obligation discussion. If you know someone else with a need, please pass their info to me and mine to them. Thank you for your consideration.

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